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Name:Avengers community
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The Avengers Initiative is a community welcoming everything related to The Avengers -- any team, whether they be Classic, New, Mighty, Dark, Ultimate, movie, or cartoon, on a current team or not. All universes, all pairings, all mediums, including movie, cartoon, and any sort of other spin off.

So, who qualifies as Avengers? There have been so many teams over the years, so we're simply going to say any character who's had a leading role in a title with the Avengers name. This includes spin-off groups like The Initiative (and subsequently The Order and any other state team) and alternate realities (Ultimates, the Avengers movies and cartoons).


--This is a place for Avengers fic, art, fanmixes, discussion, information, recaps. Any and all members of the Avengers. So long as the work has at least one Avenger in it, you can post it.

--Play nice with each other. We're all friends here, united we stand and the golden rule. Don't flame each other's work, don't insult each other. Any disagreements should not be called out publicly to prevent wankyness from taking over.

--All pairings are welcome - Slash, het, femmeslash whether its canon or not. But we may have a slight bias to Steve and Tony... ;)

--Please post all fic, art, spoilers, scans, and long discussions behind a cut tag. If you don't know how to do a cut, please go here to find out.

--All of types are welcome - angst, fluff, gen, drama, whatever strikes your fancy. Please be aware of this and remember: If you don't like it, there's a scroll bar for a reason. Not everything will be everyone's cup of tea.

--All fanworks over the rating of R (ie, NC-17, adult, mature, etc) should be locked and labeled accordingly.

--All scans could be locked.

--While we want the community to grow and thrive, please keep your daily post count down to prevent spamming of reading pages. Please only post one fanwork a day -- remember you can put multiple fics and pictures in the same post. If you have multipart fics, please wait at least a day or two to post the next part. Note: You can post a discussion post after posting a fanwork in the same day, no worries.

--Have fun! We want fandom to be fun so please do so. Just remember the basics and it should be fun for everyone. Let us know how we can make it more fun for everyone or if you have any suggestions.

Breaking the rules

The mods are not your parents. If we have to get involved, we will but you might not like the results.

You get one warning. Break the rules and we will warn you once. After that, it's a matter of not following the rules and we don't take kindly to it. We're all (hopefully) smart enough to figure out how to play nice and follow rules. Breaking the rules gets you sent to 42. Please remember that this community is a privilege not a right. If we feel that your behavior is beyond a simple warning, we might move right to 42.

That being said, we will review any offenses carefully before dealing out punishments. Feel free to come to your friendly neighborhood mods if you feel as though people are breaking the rules or causing you trouble. We will listen to both sides objectively and make decisions based on that.


When posting fanwork please include the standard header:

Post subject In the subject of your post, please put rating, pairing (if applicable), and whatever title you want.
Rating: If you want, you can give a reason for the rating ie, PG - Because Tony is Tony
Verse: ie, 616/Marvel U, 1616/Ultimate, Movie
Characters/Pairings: ie, Steve/Tony, Jan/Hank, Wanda
Genre: ie, Gen, Angst, Fluff
Word count:
Warnings: Warn for things like violence, blood, death, anything that may trouble readers.
Summary: A summary of your fic

Adjust as you see fit.

Please use tags. It makes it easier for everyone to find what they need. Tag entries by character, pairing, rating, genre, and author if you feel like it. The rating system is based of the MPAA system, mainly because it's what I know best. There are a few basic tags set up, but any member can add tags. Here's a link to the list: Tags tags tags

Please, for character tags, use full names and generally try to avoid nicknames (ie, Jim Rhodes rather than Rhodey, though Hank Pym rather than Henry and Steve Rogers rather than Steven are okay, because they're hardly referred to as anything else). Superhero names are okay, though mark them as something similar to 'Jim Rhodes/War Machine' or 'Steve Rogers/Captain America.'

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